As a refractory raw material kyanite should have very negligible amount of impurities like free silica alkali iron oxides calcium and magnesium Kyanite Sillimanite and Andalusite all these three minerals convert to Mullite and silica when they are calcined to temperatures between 1250OC and 1500OC The inversion kyanite to mullite and


KYANITE AND RELATED MINERALS Data in metric tons unless otherwise noted Domestic Production and Use In Virginia one firm with integrated mining and processing operations produced an estimated 90 000 tons of kyanite worth 33 million from two hard rock open pit mines and synthetic mullite by calcining kyanite

Raw calcined Kyanite as refractory raw materials

Kyanite is one of the Alumino Silicate group of minerals comprising Sillimanite Kyanite Andalusite Dulmortierite Topaz and Mullite all with similar chemical composition but different physical behavior and hence uses Kyanite raw as well as calcined have separate applications as refractory raw materials because of their distinct characters

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Kyanite and the related minerals andalusite and sillimanite are anhydrous aluminum silicate polymorphs with the same chemical formula but with different crystal structures and physical properties These minerals form during metamorphism of clay bearing sedimentary rocks or in pegmatites In the United States where kyanite is prevalent these three minerals comprise the kyanite minerals group

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Mullite any of a type of rare mineral consisting of aluminum silicate 3Al 2 O 3 ·2SiO 2 It is formed upon firing aluminosilicate raw materials and is the most important constituent of ceramic whiteware porcelains and high temperature insulating and refractory materials Compositions such as mullite having an alumina silica ratio of at least 3 2 will not melt below 1 810° C 3 290° F

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Kyanite is commonly found in aluminum rich metamorphic pegmatites and or sedimentary rocks and is commonly a blue silicate mineral Cyanide in metamorphic rocks show better pressures than four kilobars Although it is undoubtedly strong at stress and low temperature it is generally sufficiently high under these conditions where water hobbyist muscovite pyrophyllite or kaolinite containing

Kyanite Andalusite Sillimanite and Mullite Minerals

Kyanite Andalusite Sillimanite and Mullite Minerals Education Coalition IMAR 7th Edition Kyanite andalusite and sillimanite are naturally occurring anhydrous aluminum silicate minerals Each has the same chemical formula

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Kyanite is typically a blue aluminosilicate mineral usually found in aluminium rich metamorphic pegmatites and or sedimentary rock Kyanite in metamorphic rocks generally indicates pressures higher than four kilobars It is commonly found in quartz Although potentially stable at lower pressure and low temperature the activity of water is usually high enough under such conditions that it is

Kyanite mineral Britannica

Kyanite is one of the many phases in the aluminum silicate Al 2 OSiO 4 system and can only form stably over a limited range of pressures and temperatures At lower pressures the minerals sillimanite mullite and andalusite exist as stable phases Kyanite is a major raw material for the mullite used in spark plugs and other refractory

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mullite calcined kyanite and synthetic mullite with the chemical formula al 6 si 2 O 13 andalusite kyanite and sillimanite are the primary minerals that are known as the kyanite group of minerals especially in the United states where kyanite is prevalent but they are also known collectively as the

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Virginia Kyanite™ is converted to mullite by calcining it in excess of 1450°C in a rotary kiln The resulting product called Virginia Mullite™ contains about 80 mullite 11 finely dispersed amorphous silica 7 quartz and less than 1 cristobalite

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Kyanite andalusite and sillimanite are anhydrous aluminosilicate minerals that have the same chemical formula Al2SiO5 but differ in crystal structure and physical properties When calcined at high temperatures around 1 350° C to 1 380° C for kyanite and slightly higher for andalusite and sillimanite these minerals are converted to mullite 3Al2O3·2SiO2 and silica

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Kyanite is one of the natural mineral resources in Nigeria West Africa it is a blue green crystalline mineral which contains aluminium silicate and is mostly found in metamorphic rocks sedimentary rock or aluminium rich metamorphic pegmatites Kyanite can be found in Kaduna and Niger states

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Mar 15 2018· Kyanite and mullite is used to manufacture a wide range of products of refractory materials Refractory materials are those that are resistant to very high temperatures As a result more than half of the kyanite consumed is used in refractories to produce steel In 2016 90 percent of kyanite transformed into mullite was used by refractories


Mullite crystals can also be formed within special purpose porcelains by incorporating similar minerals into the recipe and firing to the necessary temperature and heating curve to decompose them into mullite These include andalusite cone 13 kyanite cone 12 sillimanite cone 20

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Producers of Kyanite and Mullite Kyanite Mining Corporation 30 Willis Mountain Plant Lane Dillwyn VA 23936

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Common metamorphic silicate mineral The generally bluish colour is caused by Fe II Fe III charge transfer Faye and Nickel 1969 Visit gemdat org for gemological information about Kyanite

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Similar to many other minerals attractive specimens of kyanite are sometimes cut into gemstones The substance is perhaps more commercially important however as a source of mullite a raw material utilized in refractory ceramics applications


KYANITE AND RELATED MINERALS Data in thousand metric tons unless otherwise noted Domestic Production and Use One firm in Virginia with integrated mining and processing operations produced kyanite from hard rock open pit mines One company produced synthetic mullite

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30 Kyanite Sillimanite and Andalusite Kyanite sillimanite and andalusite are three aluminium silicate minerals having the same chemical composition Al 2 O 3 SiO 2 but differing in physical properties These minerals are also known as super refractories in view of their special refractory properties These minerals have special property of

Kyanite Andalusite Sillimanite and Mullite Minerals

Kyanite Andalusite Sillimanite and Mullite Minerals

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Table 1 Some characteristics of the sillimanite minerals and mullite Properties Kyanite Andalusite Sillimanite Mullite Formula AlVIAl VISi IVO 5 AlAlVSi O 5 AlVIAlIVSiIVO 5 AlVI Al 1 2x Si 1–2x IVO 5 Crystallography Triclinic Orthorhombic Orthorhombic Orthorhombic Unit cell nm a 0 712a 0 779 0 748 0 754 b 0 785 0 790 0 767 0 769 c 0 557 0

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Internet kyanite com Kyanite Mining is the world s largest and oldest producer of Kyanite ore and its derivative Mullite KMC has six modern production plants which uphold quality in product and quantity in mineral mass Our high alumina refractory and ceramic additives have enabled manufacturers to meet their customers quality demands

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Mullite is a closely related mineral with the chemical formula Al6Si2O13 that occurs rarely in nature but can be synthesized from kyanite and other alumina and silica enriched minerals using a thermal treatment process referred to as calcination

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Mullite although seldom found in nature can be artificially produced by heating any number of aluminum silicate minerals in certain proportions to the correct temperature Kyanite is a blue to light green triclinic mineral that occurs in long thin bladed crystals and crystalline

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Kyanite is an attractive mineral that has a near sapphire like blue color in some especially nice specimens Kyanite is used to manufacture a wide range of products An important use is in the manufacture of refractory products such as the bricks mortars and kiln furniture used in high temperature furnaces Mullite a form of calcined

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Indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality Good crystals or important locality for species World class for species or very significant TL Type Locality for a valid mineral species FRL First Recorded Locality for everything else eg varieties Struck out Mineral

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