Ideal spec for aclysm leveling The Warlocks Den WoW

20101123 ensp 0183 ensp I ll go around with something like this spec seems a pvp one dotting and draininglife as many mobs as i can at once I ll be alone most of the time i ll use my voidwalker with glyph and i will suck in instances but i won t care since i ll do very few till the level cap

Warlock Hearthstone Wiki

201983 ensp 0183 enspHero Powers are unique abilities specific to each class Hero Powers cost 2 mana and can be used once per turn The warlock Hero Power is Life Tap allowing them to sacrifice 2 Health and 2 mana in order to draw a card While this may seem like an unworthy trade the ability to gain card advantage is very strong and Life Tap is widely considered one of the strongest Hero Powers in the

Best spec for new Lock leveling 110 120 in BfA

20181110 ensp 0183 enspI haven t used my BfA boost yet and thinking of trying a Warlock In all my 14 yrs of WoW never played a Lock yet So if I start off at 110 which spec do you recommend for leveling in BfA I think those ten levels should get me comfortable with the class Thanks

Definitive Warlock Guide Dragons of Nightmare 1 8

2017115 ensp 0183 ensp I will be keeping this updated and current with the help of the Warlock community Chime in if you have something to add or want updated Having leveled 4 locks to 60 this one on Nostalrius being my 4th I can definitively say that the following spec progression is the fastest safest with the lowest downtime

Destruction Warlock DPS Spec Builds and Talents Battle

Destruction Warlock PvE Talent Build 8 2 Below is the talent build we recommend based on a mix of SimulationCraft spreadsheets ingame testing and through collaboration with other players Many different combinations of talents can be very effective so while the below build is our recommendation we d still encourage you look at each

The Warlock Leveling Guide for Warlords of Draenor

The Warlock is a fun class to play as well Among other things death destruction you have the ability to solo quests that normally require groups You have fear DOTs great green blobs of Doom depending on your spec soul stones for a self resurrection and much more

Which spec is best to use for leveling warlock from 1100

affliction for sure the amount of passive self healing you do is insane when I leveled my lock I would spend 2 globals on each mob to put up dots and chain pull everything within reach loot able range at once 15 mobs with dots ticking heals you through any damage they do to you

WoW Leveling Guide for BFA Patch 8 1 Level from 1 to 120

Welcome to our World of Warcraft leveling guide updated in 2018 for Battle for Azeroth patch 8 1 5 This WoW leveling guide will show you how to level as quickly as possible from level 1 to 120

Mage Frost 180 Leveling Talent Build amp Guide 3 3 5

2019517 ensp 0183 enspThe spells you will use most of the time as a frost spec mage are Frostbolt Frost Nova and Ice Lance at 66 You will ll also use Fireblast quite alot Frostbolt 3 sec cast time damaging spell that slows down your enemy s walking speed This is your primary nuke spell not as powerful as fireball damagewise but it will let you solo more easily without worrying much about enemies getting

Easiest lock spec Warlock World of Warcraft Forums

2019315 ensp 0183 enspIm going to go an make an assumption that you are asking because your intested in leveling a warlock for the first time if thats the case the affliction would be in my oppinion the best spec as it is very good in dungeons and multidotting and tanking stuff with your voidwalker make lvling a breeze

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